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If you're anything like us when we start something new, we want all the details. We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions, so we hope you find your answer here. If not, we have a handy, dandy contact box over there to the left! Feel free to use that, call us (410-990-0244) or email us!
For regular pottery painting, no! We are primarily a walk-in studio! In fact, we only take reservations if you have a party of eight or more people. If you are wanting to attend a workshop, a reservation is required.
Do I have to make a reservation?
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How do I make a reservation?
So you have eight or more people, and you want to make a reservation, or maybe you want to reserve a spot for a workshop--what next? Give the studio a call (410-990-0244). If we have space that day, we will take your name, number, and some other personal information. We will ask for a non-refundable deposit of $25. If you are signing up for a workshop, we will ask for a deposit for each person for whom you are saving a spot. 
How much does it cost to come in and paint?
The price differs from piece to piece. We have pieces that start at $5 and they can go up to $125 for our larger, more detailed pieces. People usually choose pieces that range from $20 to $30. That being said, we have no studio fee! The price for the pieces is all-inclusive (studio time, the paints, glazing and firing).
How much do the workshops cost?
That depends on the workshop you want to do! For our adult painting workshops, the cost is simply the price of the piece with a $25 minimum. For the glass workshops, those vary by the size and project due to the fluctuations of the market price of glass; however, they usually average around $50-$75. Kids Nights Out are $30 per child. Our featured workshops vary depending on the project.
I  couldn't make it to the workshop, can I get my deposit back?
Oh no! We hate that you couldn't make it! Though we use your deposit towards your piece(s) when you come for your painting reservation, adult workshop, glass workshop, or kids night out, the deposits are non-refundable. When you do not show up, someone else loses the opportunity to come have fun with us, and we lose that business for the event. 
For Kids Night Out or Tween Night, do we stay with our children?
No! You grab a couple of friends or your significant other, and make some plans, and have a good time. In fact, usually we don't even have enough space for parents to stay. We have a dedicated instructor for Kids Night Out to guide them and make sure they're being careful, and for Tween Night, they are all upstairs painting together--can't have mom or dad cramping their style! 
When will my piece be ready?
Painted pottery will be ready a week from the day you painted it. If you painted Monday, it will be ready the following Monday. You can come in any time after we open. We do NOT call when pottery is finished. Glass pieces take longer because they have to be fired in their own kiln due to the fact that glass and pottery are fired at different temperatures. It usually averages 2-3 weeks. We will call you when those pieces are ready.
No one has called me yet. Is my piece ready?
We do not call for painted pottery! The pieces are simply ready exactly one week from the turned in date. If you are asking about glass, your piece is probably not ready because we will call you when it is finished.
Do I have to put my name/initials and today's date on my pottery?
Yes please! Especially around holidays when we have 20 green Christmas trees, 35 red hearts, 27 yellow Easter eggs, 17 orange pumpkins, etc that are all painted very similarly. We have had cases where two pieces were painted almost identically and the persons had the same names. Having the date really distinguishes the pieces from one another. That being said, you can write it really small so that it's not noticeable. Also, it's your piece of art! You should have those things on there so you can always remember!
Can I come in and work with glass?
We ask that you come in and do a glass workshop before you can work with glass on your own. There's a bit of a learning curve when it comes to scoring, nipping, and placing glass. 
I have worked with glass before, can I skip the workshop?
This is a question we get a lot, and we prefer you to take a workshop. Though there are similar techniques when working with glass, glass blowing, glass fusing, and stained glass are their own art forms. It's all the same medium, but much like oil, water color, and acrylic, there are differences between them that are very important.
How much do glass workshops cost?
Our glass workshops vary depending on the project, the size you make, and how many pieces you make due to the market fluctuations of glass. Our projects average between $50 and $75.
How much does glass fusing cost?
We have a detailed glass pricing menu in the studio. The pricing depends on the size, color base you are using, and whether or not you want it slumped into a shape. There are too many different options to put that up here, but stop in or give us a call (410-990-0244), and we'll be happy to talk to you about glass pricing! 
Can I bring food into the studio?
Absolutely! We don't mind if you bring food or drinks into the studio. It doesn't matter if you have a party or just coming in on a Wednesday morning by yourself. We only ask that if it is something greasy, do not touch any of the pottery (including yours) until you have thoroughly washed your hands. The bisque (the white, unpainted pottery) will soak up the oil and then repel the paints (they are water based). Even if it looks like you may have painted over a grease spot, it will still come off in the kiln.
Can I bring in wine?
You sure can; however, we cannot pour it for you.
I  am thinking about having a party at The Clay Bakers. Can you tell me more about it?
Check out our party page for more details!
Do you do parties for adults too?
Of course! We've had adult birthday parties, bachelorette parties, office parties, family reunions, etc. Our party space is age neutral, and you can even bring in your own decorations.
Is the party space private?
The party space is semi-private. What that means is, there may be people sitting upstairs as well if we get really busy, but we try to keep as many people downstairs as we can. You can also rent out the upstairs space for a private party.
How many people can the party space hold?
Comfortably, around 18 kids can fit in the party area. We can have as many as 23. This is without parents. If you have this many children and the parents want to stay, you will need to rent the whole upstairs. The entire upstairs can hold around 40 people.
Can we rent out the whole upstairs?
You sure can! On the weekends, we only rent out the whole upstairs for the first and last time slots of the day.
Do you provide food/can we bring in our own food?
We do not provide food, but you are more than welcome to bring in your own. We do not have a fridge/freezer, so keep that in mind. Another thing you will want to keep in mind is try not to bring in greasy foods. Grease and our water based paints do not mix well. If you order pizza, try to serve it at the very end so no one accidentally touches their piece with greasy fingers! If you serve it at the beginning, make sure everyone washes their hands really well.
What comes with the birthday boost?
The birthday boost is our way of making the party a little less work for you! We provide the paper goods (plates/napkins/forks/table cloth) and each painting child gets a goodie bag, a balloon (colors of your choice), and water or juice.
What is in the goodie bags?
We like to vary it up, so it's always changing. We've had stickers, bubbles, markers, pencil sharpeners, key chains, finger puppet monsters, etc.
Will you come to my house/place of work for a party?
Of course! We love off-sites! An experienced clay baker will come to your party location to guide you and help with any questions you may have. We bring the pieces, the paints, brushes, and other small things to help you create wonderful works of art from the comfort of your home or office.
What are To-Go Parties?
​To go parties are parties where you come and pick up all of the pieces, paints, brushes, etc. and take them home yourself. You bring them back the following day with the painted pieces, and we fire them.