Paint Your Own Pottery
How it works
- Select a piece of pottery from our many styles
- Choose your colors and paint your design. We have stencils, stamps, sponges, and idea books to inspire you
-Photo pieces are done by appointment only.
- Your piece will be glazed and fired and
ready to pick up in 7 days 
-Around Christmas it may take longer to get your
pieces back due to the amount of volume that will be coming into the studio
-If shipping, it will take a week for your pieces to
come out of firing, then another few weeks to ship
your pieces safely.

The Clay Bakers pricing is simple. The price of your pottery includes:
                   studio time              design tools
                paints                        glazing & firing
                use of brushes         staff assistance

We offer "Pottery To-Go" for schools, scouts, day care centers and parties!

Custom Paint
How it works
We will paint your piece for you. Come into the studio and pick out a piece, your design, and the colors.

Cost will vary depending on the piece and design.
We can paint many designs including putting photos
on pieces! 

Wedding gifts, birthday presents, anniversary and engagement presents, signature platters, figurines and mugs...we do it all!
Pottery Painting


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