Can I come in and do glass any time?

You sure can!  You will have the chance to choose between pre-formed designs which involve working with scrap glass.  There will be no cutting or scoring allowed.  The only exception to this is if you have attended a glass workshop already.

Do I have to be a certain age to do glass?

Yes, you must be 12 years old to work with the glass unless a guardian is present.

How much does it cost to do glass?

It depends!  Most of the cost depends on the base you choose.  Bases can range from $10-$60 depending on the size, shape and color.  Then other fees will be added on for any potential slumping or second firing needs.

Will someone be there to teach me how to do glass when I come in?

Yes, someone will be available to help you get started working with the glass.  If you want more individualized attention, consider coming to one of our Glass Workshops which are always the 3rd Sunday and 3rd Wednesday of every month.