Our talented staff cannot wait to make your party fun and unforgettable.  We do all the clean up while you have all the fun! 

How it works

You choose a party time and a party package from one of the available times and packages listed below. You will have a dedicated staff member to help you with everything you need during your party so you can sit back and relax - or take tons of pictures!  For the first hour or so your painters will be painting their masterpieces.  The rest of the time can be used however you like!  You can bring in food and drinks and of course, the birthday cake and eat it all in our designated party area.  Then, leave the mess for us!  For the next week, we will be working hard to glaze and fire your party pieces and they will be ready for you to pick up in a week to distribute to the party guests.

Designated Party Times

Sunday-Thursday: 11am, 2pm, 5pm

Friday-Saturday: 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm

*Parties are 1.5 hours for ages 7 and under and 2 hours for ages 8 and up.

Party Packages

boy painting.jpg

Creative Creatures

Painters select from one of our party animal figurines. $18.00 per painter.

girls painting.jpg

Practically Picasso

Painters choose from our mid-size figurines, banks and boxes. $22.00 per painter.

Girl painting plate.jpg

Serve It Up!

Mug or Bowl: $15.00 per painter. Dinner plate: $18.00 per painter.


Awesome Artists

Painters choose from one of our deluxe size banks or boxes. $28.00 per painter.

stock 5.jpg

Shop the Studio

Painters have the opportunity to pick a piece from our shelves! $18.00 per painter