Create Your Own Masterpiece!

Now that we have caught your attention, you're probably wondering how this all works at The Clay Bakers. We are primarily a walk-in studio, so that means you can come paint any time we are open! We have an extensive inventory, so when you arrive, you will have plenty of options to choose from. When you choose your piece(s), a friendly staff member will instruct you on how to use our paints, which are non-toxic and completely child friendly. After you finish your piece(s), you will bring them up to the counter where you will pay for them, and this is also when you will write your name/initials and the day's date on the bottom. Then, the rest is up to us! We glaze and fire them for you, and they are ready to be picked up a week from that day! Easy peasy and tons of fun!


A gift certificate is the perfect gift for any Clay Bakers lover! 



Here at The Clay Bakers, we do not have a studio fee or sitting fee for painting pottery, so our pricing is all-inclusive. That's some great news because those fees can really add up! Now we're sure you're wondering how much it costs to paint a piece, and we'd love to give you an exact number, but it really does just depend on the piece(s) you choose. We have pieces that start at $5.00 and some that are $95. We usually tell people that the average ranges from $20 to $35 though, so we aren't going to break the bank!

The pricing for glass fusing runs a little differently because the market price of glass changes so often. For more detailed glass pricing, give us a call (410-990-0244) or email us, and we will be happy to give you more information!

Workshops and Events

Do you want more detailed instructions with an end product? You are in luck because we have workshops too! Signing up is easy on our Calendar page.  Some events require a deposit or payment in full. Each workshop has a designated project, and there will be an experienced staff member there to guide you through every step. If you feel like you aren't very artistic, fear not! Our workshops are designed for people of all art skills.