Do we have to make a reservation?

Nope!  We are a walk-in studio. You can come in anytime between our normal operating hours.

Where can I park?

Street parking is available all along Main Street. The Noah Hillman Parking Garage is the closest public parking garage located directly behind our building. We do not have private parking for our studio. We do not validate parking.

When will we get our pieces back?

It takes 7 days for us to glaze and fire your pieces.  If you painted on a Saturday, you can come get your pieces back the following Saturday. WE DO NOT CALL FOR PICK UPS.

Can you ship our pieces?

We sure can! Anywhere in the continental U.S.  The shipping fee is 30% of your total with a $10.00 minimum.

How long does it take to paint a piece?

The time it takes to paint a piece totally varies!  If you plan on doing a complicated design, you can spend up to 3 hours in the studio.  If you are a family with young children, they might be done in under an hour.

Can we bring food and drink?

You sure can!  Just keep in mind that oily foods do effect the bisque so food and pottery don't always mix well.  We just recommend washing your hands between eating and painting.

Can I leave my children with you?

No.  We love your kids but you have to stay with them while they paint.  That is what we have our kids events for!  Check out our Kids Night Out!.  The cost is sometimes less than what you would pay a babysitter.  

How long will you hold my pieces?

We will hold your artwork for 60 days (2 months). Please provide a staff member with your mobile number for TEXT reminders at checkout.